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Blake Weston

Blake Weston

Sales Engineer
248-528-4137 Year started in fluid management:
Certifications and Training:
  • Goulds EPD Basic Pump School
  • Filtration Application Training Workshop
  • Goulds Vertical Turbine Pump School
  • BSM Pump School
  • Tranter Advanced Rep Training

I worked for a short period of time at Great Lakes Pump in 1984 working as an expediter and inside sales. For the next seven years I didn’t find anything that really gelled with me so when an opportunity opened up in 1991, I came back to Great Lakes Pump, working out of the Troy office. In 1992, I moved out to the Lansing office as an outside salesman and have been there ever since.

Unique Experiences

I will never forget the time Joe Zach and I drove down to Gusher Pump in Kentucky on a Friday night to pick up pumps we had to then deliver to an east coast plant on Saturday morning. We then drove back to Michigan. It made for a long weekend, but the customer was taken care of and that’s what mattered most.

No one will believe the time…..it was around 2008…..I had a customer that was replacing an old Ruthman coolant pump that was running on a machine. Gusher pulled the serial number and the pump was built in 1945. I’ve seen some old pumps out there, but this was the oldest so far.

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