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Welcome to Great Lakes Pump & Supply, your portal to an old friend.


Like an old friend, we are dependable and will be there when you need us.


Since 1976, our hands-on approach to providing process equipment solutions to virtually all types of fluid handling situations has made us a lot of friends in the Midwest.  We’ve solved a lot of problems and have done it largely with the same team of seasoned pumps distributor for the past 40 years.  This means that when you contact us with a tricky situation, you will be tapping an unequaled storehouse of knowledge and expertise.


Our founders first focused on a central question: “What can we provide to become a multi-component, preferred source for industrial parts washers and automotive paint shops?”


Our answer at the time included liquid level control valves, air-operated diaphragm pumps, spray nozzles, and, what many considered to be the de-facto heavy industry workhorses, the Gusher 7550 and 7800 series vertical centrifugal pumps.  Soon, our paint shop customer focus would lead to the development of the Gusher 7600 top pull out a design that enables pump servicing without disturbing any piping.


Great Lakes Pump & Supply is your source for pumps.  We are also experts in pump repair and pump replacement. We sell and service well-known, brand names pumps all over the United State but our office is located in Michigan. We offer pumps like Gusher, Goulds, Xylem, Barnes, Deming, Weinman and many more.


  • If the automotive body paint operation is located in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, our Gusher pumps are in it.
  • If you have central coolant systems, our Process Systems vertical turbines or Gusher pumps are on them.
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While that founding principle served us well, carrying the Gusher line also meant providing industry with the Godfather of coolant pumps, the 100+ year line of Ruthman coolant pumps.  Eventually, the Ruthman family, owner of Gusher pumps, would purchase Great Lakes Pump & Supply to provide industrial pump users with a highly responsive, tightly integrated solution to bringing pumps from the Gusher factory to the plant floor.  With a winning formula in hand, the Ruthmans also purchased Process Systems’ severe-duty vertical turbines, Deming vertical turbines, Brown & Sharpe Pump Co. gear and vane pumps, and Nagle abrasive slurry pumps.  All of these add to the extensive product line here at Great Lakes Pump & Supply.

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