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Fluid velocities - “What’s that screaming noise?

It’s one thing to receive “rules of thumb” from people on pump design, but sometimes you have to see it to really understand it. The Cameron Hydraulic Handbook is an indispensable tool. One key variable for which we control when sizing a pump is fluid velocity. It is a good rule to not size the discharge so velocities exceed 10 ft/sec with vetical turbines and 15 ft/sec with other verticals, for example. Available pump selection software will often adjust discharge sizing to account for this variable. But sometimes it can either get overlooked, space restrictions may call for smaller than desired piping, or the discharge pipe run is so short before the fluid in dumped into a tank that higher velocities are tolerated.

While in an automotive transmission manufacturing plant, standing in the middle of an engineered skid for cooling, filtering and delivering transmission oil, it was so loud you couldn’t hear nearby operations, let along someone talking to you from a couple feet away. The field service manager leaned to my ear and said, “That’s the oil screaming through these pipes.” Lesson learned. Pay attention to fluid velocity.

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