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GLP Provides FCA Pumps For The Dirty Jobs!

Monday, July 20, 2020
GLP Provides FCA Pumps For The Dirty Jobs! image

As we support our fellow businesses with essential infrastructure, our manufacturing and distribution efforts have been strong even since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  We would like to acknowledge our sister division Gusher Pumps and their involvement in the completion of an order for 20 Gusher SPP Series self-priming pumps for Giffin paint systems.  Through an order established by Great Lakes Pump and Supply, the new pump parts will be installed at the new Jeep assembly plant for FCA Chrysler at Mack Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, as well as the RAM assembly plant in Warren, Michigan.

The new assembly plant, currently producing Jeep Cherokee and RAM models, is the first new automotive plant in the Detroit area since 1991.  The new space will feature a 790,500 square foot paint shop.  The Warren Truck Assembly Plant has been confirmed to begin producing the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer with the production of the RAM 1500 Classic set to continue at the plant, as well.  The Gusher pumps will provide integral accommodations to the paint shop being produced by Giffin, pumping waste from the phosphate and E-coat paint systems to plant’s industrial waste management operation.

Gusher SPP Series Self Priming pumps can handle up to 130 feet of head with volumes of 1200 GPM.  The pumps in the Giffin order vary from 370 GPM to 550 GPM.  Assembly of the 316 SS wetted parts offers corrosion resistance to counter the chemicals being pumped.

The self-priming Gusher pumps do not need air separators, external valves, or priming chambers, streamlining installation and simplifying maintenance.  The heavy-duty, industrial pumps include a back-pull out design to allow rotating elements to be serviced without removing pumps or altering set-up.  Clean out ports are included to clear debris which may enter the system.  This is a pump hazard almost unavoidable in many busy plants.

Great Lakes Pumps has over 40 years of experience serving the industries like the Michigan automotive industry.  By representing and customizing Process Systems/Deming Vertical Turbine Pumps, Gusher, Goulds, and other brands, our efforts have earned us a reputation as experts in auto body paint applications.  Over the years, we have worked with leading OEMs in paint system construction and installation, including Giffin, Gallagher-Kaiser, Durr, and TKS.

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