Big Gusher Order Ships to Toyota Georgetown


Big Gusher Order Ships to Toyota Georgetown

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Big Gusher Order Ships to Toyota Georgetown image

Recently, Gusher completed an order for 38 Vortex pumps bound for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky.  Great Lakes Pumps & Supply fulfilled the order to Durr Systems for new paint systems installed at the plant.

Within a capacity of 550,000 vehicles, Toyota Georgetown is the OEM’s largest vehicle manufacturing plant.  The popular Camry and Avalon models are produced at this plant, as well as Lexus ES 350, which is Lexus’ first US-made model.

Downtime is something that no plant can afford, especially with something like pumps clogging and failing.  Toyota operates around the clock, nearly 365 days per year.  An interruption on a paint line or due to pumps malfunctioning can be a costly setback.  Gusher Vortex Pumps equips a state-of-the-art paint overspray separation system with paint sludge recapture.  This is precisely the reason that Durr chose to go with Gusher’s quality paint pump equipment.  Large diameter solids and fibrous material do not clog and can handle a high volume of jobs at any given time.  Vortex pumps can easily manage sludge pit debris like clumping paint solids.

Durr used three Vortex models optimized for the Toyota plant, with variable discharge and intake sizes.  Vortex pumps feature eight sizes ranging from 2×2-8 and up to 6×8-15.  There is up to 400 feet of head and capacities of up to 2800 GPM.  Gusher managed to meet their needs with the wide capacity of these machines.  Vortex pumps are robust, with a design that allows throttling to a low performance range unacceptable to many centrifugal pumps.

This is not the first Great Lakes Pump & Supply endeavor with Toyota Georgetown.  There are a wide variety of Gusher vertical and horizontal pumps in this particular plant, including the air humidification system, chilled water, phosphate and primer coat paint stages.

Great Lakes Pumps has over 40 years of experience serving the industries like the automotive industry.  By representing Process Systems & Deming Vertical Turbine Pumps, Gusher, Goulds, and other brands, our efforts as a leading pumps supplier considers us as experts in auto body paint applications.  Over the years, we have worked with leading brands in paint system construction and installation, including Giffin, Gallagher-Kaiser, Durr, and TKS.

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