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Self-Primer Pumps For Industrial Wastewater

Friday, April 26, 2019
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Great Lakes Pump has supplied many vertical pumps in industrial wastewater installations in the past, but US manufacturing facilities have been influenced by European design, where process equipment is designed to be at floor level for ease of maintenance, and inspection. For this application - used to collect tank drainage, when the system tanks are cleaned - the current design calls for the self-primer sump pump to collect the wastewater and then pump to the waste treatment facilities.

These unique all-stainless, v-belt drive Gusher self-primer pumps were sold by Great Lakes Pump as part of a complete auto paint shop. Used for pretreatment (phosphate) and e-coat lines, the self-primer pump’s versatile belt allows the customer to alter RPMs for different conditions to meet the various needs of the wastewater delivery system.

By modifying the sheave ratio you can meet a variety of flow and head conditions using just a few pump sizes. This feature also tends to simplify spare parts management.  

For any questions about self primer pumps and parts, call Great Lakes Pump and Supply at 248-266-1659.

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