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Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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It was a beautiful day to install some motor shafts and set impeller clearances on vertical turbine pumps in northern Ohio. The models below are rated for 2000 GPM at 200’ TDH and are driven by 150HP VHS motors. Great Lakes Pump & Supply Co. sells them and is also experts in mounting, setting impeller clearances and finalizing the start-up testing.

These Goulds vertical turbine pumps are for cooling water treatment for plant processes. While there were many bidders on this job where the Goulds VTP was speculated, Great Lakes Pump got the order. Our history and relationship with the contractor made the difference.

Great Lakes Pump & Supply is a leading supplier of industrial pumps and related process equipment, headquartered in Troy, MI.  For any questions about Goulds vertical turbine pumps and parts, call Great Lakes Pump and Supply at 248-266-1659.

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