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Xylem’s New e-XC Split Case Pump Line

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Xylem’s New e-XC Split Case Pump Line image

Most industrial and commercial HVAC installations don’t require 57,000 GPM but Xylem’s newly upgraded split case, double-suction centrifugal pump line can go big. It can deliver 873’ TDH too. Expanded to hit just about any performance point with 157 different models, Xylem has improved efficiencies to meet the upcoming Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency requirements.

With material upgrade options available, this line features stainless steel standard construction for shafting, sleeves, impellers, seal flush lines, and wear rings. Motor and shaft alignment is simplified through eight motor alignment screws. Ports for dual-axis vibration and temperature sensors are on every model. Labyrinth bearing frame seal is standard as are proprietary carbon/silicon carbine/EPDM seals for the wet end. This pump is designed to perform and built to last, customizable to your specific application.

Process water and cooling tower systems have long enjoyed the versatility of the split case pump. Xylem has used the DOE’s drive to reduce energy consumption by improving nearly every aspect of its split case line.

To learn more about Xylem's newly upgraded split case, double-suction centrifugal pump line, give Great Lakes Pump a call today at 248-266-2249.  Our trained experts will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.  You can also reach out to us on our contact form.

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