More Great Lakes Pumps for Local FCA Chrysler Plants


More Great Lakes Pumps for Local FCA Chrysler Plants

Monday, January 4, 2021
More Great Lakes Pumps for Local FCA Chrysler Plants image

As a leading pumps company with progressively improving systems, we have the ability to cover virtually any pump process required across a manufacturing plant. This is exactly the case with the two FCA Chrysler manufacturing plants here in the Detroit area.  Our division Gusher supplied the self-primers for the paint systems at both plants back in April.  Now, there have been 20 vertical turbine pumps from our Process Systems, Inc. division installed on the water test booths at both the Jeep plant at Mack Ave. in Detroit as well as the Warren truck plant.

Construction activity is representative of the revival in U.S. automotive manufacturing considering the Jeep Cherokee plant is the first new automotive plant in Detroit since 1991.  The Warren truck plant has been building trucks since 1938.  This facility is nearing the end of a $1 billion renovation project for an extensive tooling and systems update.  Twelve pumps were installed at the Jeep plant, and the remaining eight went in at the truck plant.  All the pumps were installed on the plantswater test systems.  These booths simulate harsh weather conditions and test the effects of water on the cars and trucks the plants build.

All Process System, Inc. vertical turbine pumps are designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements to accommodate a wide range of flows and pressures.  The pumps in this particular job range from 80 GPM at 45′ TDH to 440 GPM at 165TDH, simulating conditions from a light mist to torrential rain.  A big benefit to vertical turbine pumps are the seamless design, eliminating the potential for leaking seals — one of the most common service items on most pumps.

Working with Ruthman Companies continues to prove a partnership worthwhile for us here at Great Lakes Pump & Supply Co.  Most automotive pump jobs from Ruthman are sold right here at Great Lakes Pump due to our company’s intimate connection to the Michigan automotive corridor.  Our Gusher, Process Systems/Deming Vertical Turbine Pumps, BSM Pump, RAE Pumps, and FulFlo Valve ranges, as well as several other pump brands and critical process equipment manufacturers.  Our team has decades of expertise in automotive manufacturing, paint systems, and other industrial process applications.

Great Lakes Pump & Supply Co.: Commercial Pumps Distributor & Water Pump Companies in Michigan

Great Lakes Pumps has over 40 years of experience serving the industries including supplying Michigan pump parts.  By representing and customizing Process Systems/Deming vertical turbine pumps, Gusher pumps, Xylem pumps, Gould Well pumps, and other brands, our efforts have earned us a reputation as experts in auto body paint applications.  Over the years, we have worked with leading OEMs in paint system construction and installation, including Giffin, Gallagher-Kaiser, Durr, TKS, and TMI.

Are your pumps running at their best?  Give us a call, or fill out our contact form, at Great Lakes Pump and Supply as your trusted local pumps distributor to discuss all your Michigan pump maintenance needs at (248) 266-4271.

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