Gusher 7071 Vortex Series


Gusher 7071 Vortex Series

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Gusher 7071 Vortex Series: The 7071 Series is a horizontal, open impeller centrifugal pump that meets the specifications of ANSI B-73.1. The series consists of 3 Power Frames and 33 pump sizes.

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  • Heavy Duty Casings - 300 psi wall thickness increases life under corrosive and erosive conditions. All sizes are self-venting with centerline discharge. Drain plug offered as an option
  • Heavy Duty Shaft - Minimum deflection increases life for less maintenance.
  • Renewable Shaft Sleeve - Hook type sleeve eases maintenance (easily removed) and is releaved to allow for changes in temperature.
  • Power Frame - Heavy duty Power Frame is sealed against contaminants to ensure long bearing life. Water cooled for high temperature applications.
  • Oil Lubrication - Oil lubrication is standard. The oil level is maintained by a sight gauge and power frame is vented. Oil may also be water cooled for high temperature application all power frames are jacketed as standard.
  • Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing - Double row thrust bearing minimizes shaft end play for more effective stuffing box sealing, longer mechanical seal life, and withstands greater axial and radial thrust loads.
  • External Impeller Adjustment - Like new clearance can be maintained with simple external adjustment in just minutes to maintain original high efficiencies.
  • Rabbeted Fits - Accurately machined rabbets ensure positive alignment, longer seal life, easy replacement of spare rotating element when maintenance is required.
  • Contained Casing Gasket - Protects against blow out.
  • Positive Sealing at Impeller - Teflon O-Ring protects shaft from liquid being pumped.
  • Fully Open Impeller - is designed with back pump-out vane to minimize axial thrust, and designed to handle solids and stringy material.
  • Jacketed Stuffing Box - Is offered for high temperature applications to increase seal or packing life in temperatures up to 500OF (260OC).
  • Direction of Rotation -The impeller must turn counter-clockwise when viewed through the suction opening of the pump.



  • Chemical
  • General Industry
  • Paint Systems
  • Petroleum/Oil
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp and Paper

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