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Gusher 7550 Vortex Series

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Gusher 7550 Vortex Series: The Vortex Non-Clog Impeller is designed to handle large diameter solids and fibrous material without clogging. The Vortex Non-Clog Pumps will handle solids up to the same diameter as the discharge. There is reduced radial loading for trouble free operation. Even with low flows, the Vortex Non-Clog design allows throttling to a low performance range unacceptable to many centrifugal pumps. The complete Vortex Non-Clog line has been designed to pump various liquids and oils containing up to 30% entrained air. They will operate 23% below its first critical speed at any point of operation. The Vortex Non-Clog Pump shaft is designed to have a maximum total indicated run-out not to exceed .008 inches.

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  • Capacities up to 800 GPM
  • Capacities to 2600 GPM
  • Heads to 440 TDH (190 PSI)
  • Temperatures to 500o F
  • Pressures to 285 PSIG


  • Filter slurries
  • Latex
  • Polystyrene beads
  • Crystal suspensions
  • Screen rejects
  • Hydropulper pump
  • Sodium chlorate slurry
  • Fruit and vegetable suspensions
  • Dye liquor
  • Fibrous wastewater
  • Long fiber white water
  • Primary cleaner pump

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