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Nuclear Power Plant Testing & Its Stringent Protocols Need the Best Equipment Available

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Nuclear Power Plant Testing & Its Stringent Protocols Need the Best Equipment Available image

If there is an application where performance is crucial, it would be in a nuclear power plant.  Each component plays a role in the safe operation of the plant.  When main power experiences failures, backup generators must be reliable to ensure there is not a significant loss of time.  After comprehensive testing, an order of Gusher SC Series pumps has been cleared for use on the emergency diesel power generators of the plant.

In a sale facilitated by a Gusher distributor, HMFT, new pumps were commissioned by Kinetrics, a Canadian electrical systems engineering firm.  One of the key components influencing Gushers selection for this project was its plant testing capabilities and further capabilities to manufacture and test pumps to fit exact requirements.

Five SC Series pumps (three for service, and two in reserve), were ordered with customer-supplied DC motors.  All stainless casings were provided to meet the pressure rating guarantee and to guard against any progressive corrosion.

The pump had to have been tested in real-time conditions (like pumping diesel fuel) using instrumentation from both Gusher and Kinetrics applications with extensive documentation.  All pumps were within 0.5% of each other considering their performance and exceeded the rated GPM and pressure specs.

Kinetrics subjected such a pump through another rigorous round of testing.  Gusher guaranteed all stainless pump casings to a rated pressure of 150 PSI.  Kinetrics tested the pump all the way up to 220 PSI, and it passed!  This far exceeded the original specifications as the performance of these pumps is a testament to Gushers stringent engineering and manufacturing processes.  This proved the brand’s flexibility to accommodate custom project requirements with such defined protocols.

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