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Leave Leaky Horizontal Pumps at the Door!

Monday, March 29, 2021
Leave Leaky Horizontal Pumps at the Door! image

Horizontal centrifugal pumps are easy to install and maintain with built-in parts that are also easy to access.  You can choose the shaft design you need with the desired pumping pressure.  Low-suction applications will be best with an overhang shaft while high-suction pressure will need an in-bearing shaft.

Horizontal centrifugal pumps can be coupled securely with external applications such as electric motors, turbines, or fuel engines.  The low headroom of a horizontal pump makes it great for indoor applications where vertical space is often tight.

Especially, you can retrofit your whole horizontal centrifugal pumps process with enclosed-column, vertical, seal-less pumps to eliminate mechanical seal failure headaches, downtime, and overall cost.

Our estimates put mechanical seal failure as the cause of 85% of pump repairs. Its just become accepted that if you have mechanically sealed pumps, you will have a wet plant floor and repeated repair downtime.

But you dont have to settle for leaks and repairs just because your current pumps are horizontal models. Gushers Enclosed Column Vertical Pumps eradicate this point of failure with a seal-less design. Its easier than you think to replace your leaky horizontal pumps with seal-less vertical enclosed column pumps.


Typical Retrofit Process:

  • Work with Gushers applications engineers to custom engineer a pump configuration for your application.
  • Gusher custom manufactures your pump, along with a steel support stand.
  • Remove horizontal pump and base.
  • Position support stand.
  • Make minor changes (typically just the addition of an elbow) to the intake piping.
  • Install pump into support stand and make discharge pipe connections.
  • Run enclosed column return line to the tank or suction line.
  • Enjoy years of maintenance-free pumping!


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