OEM Gusher Does Away with Pump Washer Repair Headaches


OEM Gusher Does Away with Pump Washer Repair Headaches

Monday, April 19, 2021
OEM Gusher Does Away with Pump Washer Repair Headaches image

When one of three parts washers at a large engine remanufacturing plant kept breaking down, engineers investigated what was different between the two reliable machines and problem one.  What's the difference?  Pumps, to be precise.  Gusher Pumps powered the two continuously operating machines.

The decision was to replace the problematic pump with a more powerful Gusher pump after the third pump rebuild.  Chad Bowen of OTP Industrial Solutions, a Gusher distributor, assisted the customer in specifying a vertical end suction pump from the 7550 Series.

The 7550 Series is suitable for dirty, hot parts washing applications since it was designed specifically for heavy-duty pumping services.  At pressures of over 100 psi, the all-stainless 7550 can comfortably withstand 400 gallons of high-grit wash fluid.  A soft start was also added by the customer, allowing them to control the motor speed when required.

Without any downtime, the current Gusher pump has been in use for many months.  The pump's output was characterized as "exceptional" by the plant engineer, who also remarked on its quiet operation.  Pump failures are no longer common, resulting in expensive downtime.

Pumps for machining, massive automotive paint shops, industrial washers, quench systems, cooling towers, and industrial wastewater, among other applications.  For decades, car manufacturers have recommended gusher pumps for use in paint shops, industrial washers, and other applications.  Cast iron and stainless-steel Gusher pumps are available.  A complete repair service is also available.

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