Xylem - Goulds VIC


Xylem - Goulds VIC

Thursday, April 22, 2021
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  • Hydraulic coverage from 50-20K GPM
  • High pressure solutions
  • Industry-leading efficiencies across coverage range
  • Options for low-NPSHa conditions and suction lift concerns
  • Application-specific product options and material choices, including option for corrosive/abrasive services
  • Customizable configurations for site-specific needs
  • In-line piping connection options for easier and less costly installations
  • Minimal floor space requirements

Multistage canned vertical turbine pumps offer the same versatility and performance as our lineshaft pumps and are ideal for closed-loop boosting. These are short-set lineshaft pumps with suction piping connected to a can (or sleeve) inlet, which allows the can to create the pump reservoir. A canned turbine pump is a perfect solution for site locations where suction piping exists, rather than an existing sump or reservoir.

Engineered For Complex Applications:

  • Industrial Process Pumps
  • Commercial/Industrial Water Supply
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater
  • Booster Systems & Packaged Pump Stations
  • Utility Circulating Water
  • Filter Backwash
  • Effluent Transfer
  • Plant Water Systems
  • Crude Oil Pipeline Boosting
  • High Pressure, Light Hydrocarbon
  • Storage Terminal Transport/Boosting
  • Power Generation
  • Condenser Circulating Water Pumps
  • Water Parks
  • Mining

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