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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Businesses Like Ours Thrive by Providing the Friendliest Solutions! image

When you are searching for any kind of product or service, most customers are interested in a worthwhile experience.  Small businesses have the advantage over corporations and large conglomerates because of the increased interpersonal activity that occurs among the owner, employees, and customers alike.  Like an old friend you have known for years, Great Lakes Pump & Supply is the business you can depend on, and we’ll be right there when you need us!

Our founders asked themselves: “What will we provide to become the best multi-component and favored destination for industrial parts washers and car paint shops?”  At the time, our solution featured liquid level control valves, air-operated diaphragm pumps, spray nozzles, and the Gusher 7550 and 7800 series vertical centrifugal pumps, which were widely regarded as the de-facto heavy industry workhorses.  The Gusher 7600 top pull-out a concept for pump servicing without damaging any piping was soon developed as a result of our paint shop's customer attention.

Great Lakes Pump & Supply takes pleasure in providing outstanding customer support.  We are pioneers in the field of commercial and industrial pumping equipment, with an average of over 200 years of experience.  We've been in the industry since 1976, and we've seen and done just about all there is to see and do.  Our mission is to meet all of your professional pump needs.

Our sales engineer and repair team have 30 years of experience in the commercial pumps industry and have learned the lessons that only practice can make perfect.  Furthermore, our special compensation structure encourages group problem-solving and teamwork.  Everyone's performance is influenced by the success of each person.  One of our most tenured employees once said, "I still learn something new every day.  Group discussion is the only way to go."

All-in-all, since 1976, we've made a lot of friends in the Midwest thanks to our hands-on approach to delivering process equipment solutions for nearly all forms of fluid handling circumstances.  We've solved many various challenges over the last 40 years, always with the same team of experienced pump distributors.  You will be tapping information and experience when you approach us whether you have a complex job or an easy fix.

Great Lakes Pump & Supply: Commercial Pumps Distributor & Water Pump Companies in Michigan

Great Lakes Pump & Supply has been repairing pumps and distributing Michigan pump parts for over 40 years.  By serving and customizing Process Systems/Deming vertical turbine pumps, Gusher pumps, Xylem pumps, Gould Well pumps, and other brands, we've earned a reputation as specialists in car body paint applications.  From impeller pumps to centrifugal water pumps, we've worked with leading OEMs like Giffin, Gallagher-Kaiser, Durr, TKS, and TMI to provide industrial water pressure pumps, gear pumps, and paint system design and construction.

Are your pumps performing at their best? Give Great Lakes Pump and Supply, the local professional pump provider, a call at (248) 266-4271 or fill out our contact form to discuss your Michigan professional pump maintenance needs.

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