Eliminate Downtime and Costs with Seal-less Pump Designs


Eliminate Downtime and Costs with Seal-less Pump Designs

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Eliminate Downtime and Costs with Seal-less Pump Designs image

The failure of a mechanical seal or a sealing mechanism is the most typical reason for pump repair. Seal failure is the cause of 85% of pump repairs, according to our estimations.  Gusher's answer to poor sealing solutions?  Remove the need for a sealing technique entirely!  With a seal-less design, Gusher's Enclosed Column Vertical Pumps eliminate this source of failure.  This design not only eliminates leaks and pump repair work due to seal failure but also saves floor space and reduces routine maintenance.

The Enclosed Column is based on Gusher's vertical seal-less pump, the 7550 Series.  These pumps have a solid track record as trustworthy workhorses since they are durable and reliable.  Greasing the bearings is the only preventive maintenance required.

Here are the components of design that help eliminate leakage for Enclosed Column seal-less pumps:

  1. Bushing for the throttle.  Designed to limit leaking into the column across the throttle bushing.
  2. Impeller that is open.  Backside pump-out vanes limit leakage even more.
  3. Enclosed column.  Any fluid that gets past the throttle bushing collects in the enclosed column before being released back into the suction or supply tank.  External leaks are no longer an issue!

This design is quite basic, yet it has been proved in industrial settings over many years of leak-free and maintenance-free operation.  These pumps are well-suited to a wide range of difficult applications, including those involving heavy solids or high-temperature fluids.  On a pressurized inlet, they are the only installation where they are not a possibility.

Because your existing pumps are horizontal, you don't have to put up with leaks and maintenance.  External mount systems may be retrofitted with Enclosed Column Vertical Pumps with minimum pipe alterations and the addition of supports.  Gusher's application engineers may collaborate with you to design a pump specifically for your application.

Overall, thanks to our hands-on approach to offering process equipment solutions for practically all types of fluid mechanisms, we've gained a lot of friends in the Midwest since 1976.  Over the last 40 years, we've addressed a wide range of problems, always with the same team of experienced pump distributors that know pump parts inside and out.  Here at Great Lakes Pump, you will be tapping information and experience when you approach us whether you have a complex job or an easy fix.

Great Lakes Pump & Supply: Commercial Pumps Distributor & Professional Pumps Company

For almost 40 years, Great Lakes Pump & Supply has been repairing pumps and supplying Michigan pressure water pump parts.  We've built a reputation as car body paint specialists by servicing and customizing Process Systems/Deming vertical turbine pumps, Gusher pumps, Xylem pumps, Gould Well pumps, and other manufacturers.

We've collaborated with renowned OEMs including Giffin, Gallagher-Kaiser, Durr, TKS, and TMI to supply industrial water pressure pumps, gear pumps and piston pump systems, and paint design, ranging from impeller pumps to centrifugal water pumps and large-scale water tank pumps.

Are your pumps working to their full potential?  To discuss your Michigan professional pump maintenance needs, call Great Lakes Pump and Supply at (248) 266-4271 or fill out our contact form.

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