Barnes - EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System


Barnes - EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System

Friday, July 16, 2021
Barnes - EcoTRAN Low Pressure Sewer System image

Barnes Pressure Sewer System offers a solution to the residential market for new or existing sewer needs. The EcoTRAN™ Grinder Pump System preserves groundwater ecology by collecting and grinding residential sewage in an enclosed underground basin system and transmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. The unit is easily installed and maintained as well as aesthetically pleasing. The EcoTRAN system comes equipped with the all new Barnes Razor, an axial grinder pump fit for a new-age waste stream. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing rock shaped covers
  • Basin Entry is never required as all maintenance requirements are top- side
  • Simple installation 
  • UL and CSA Listed (Consult Factory for details)
  • Pump NSF Approved
  • No field adjustment is required because operating levels are factory preset.


  • Residential Sewage

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