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Nagle - TWO/CWO Wet Pit Pump

Thursday, June 16, 2022
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Sizes: 1″ to 16″
Capacities: Up to 10,000+ gpm
Pressures: To 130 psi

  • Recommended for handling heavy slurries up to 70% solids, molten salts, and metals to 1500°F
  • Designed for wet pit installation with bottom suction or optional top suction
  • The TWO features an open shaft and strong tubular supports for the casing
  • The CWO closed shaft model is a legacy product and is only available as a direct replacement for a previously purchased pump. Please contact us to discuss your replacement pump needs.
  • Custom design options include a choice of materials of construction, including a wide selection of abrasion-, corrosion-, and heat-resistant metals

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