Nagle - YWS Wet Pit Pump


Nagle - YWS Wet Pit Pump

Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Nagle - YWS Wet Pit Pump image


Sizes: 1″ to 16″
Capacities: Up to 10,000 gpm
Pressures: To 130 psi

  • Split yoke submerged bearings facilitate replacement without pump disassembly
  • Single volute, single discharge casing with progressive wall thickness maximizes service life
  • Above mounting plate impeller adjustment
  • Pump bearings withstand maximum thrust loads and use standard thrust motors
  • All mated components register fit to ensure concentricity and speed reassembly during pump maintenance
  • Standard discharge elbow and pipe eliminate proprietary parts
  • Through bolt construction eliminates blind tapped holes and stud type construction
  • Direct coupled or V-belt drive
  • Top or bottom suction
  • Chemical or slurry type wet end designs

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