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BSM Pump - Automatic Reversing Gear Pumps

Monday, November 28, 2022
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BSM Automatic Reversing Gear Pumps are designed to maintain the same direction of delivery regardless of the direction of rotation of the driving shaft.These pumps are used on machine tools and other reversing mechanisms which require a constant flow of liquid.


Design: Drive speeds to 900 rpm; discharge
pressures to 200 psi; flow rate to 17.1 gpm.

Material: Cast Iron casings with precision
machined, heat treated gears and case hardened

Bearings: Plain.

Seal: Compression packing with adjustable gland.

Lubrication: Self lubricating using the pumped
liquid. Also available for handling non-lubricating

Rotation: Vertical foot type, right hand furnished.
Left hand mounting optional. Reversible. Discharge
is always from the top of the pump. Top valve cover
may be transposed with the bottom for left or right
hand mounting on foot.

Liquid Viscosities: Liquids having good lubricating
qualities are recommended.

Suction Lift: Up to 15″ Hg recommended. Consult the
factory for higher suction lift recommendations.

Drive Options: D-Drive (pump coupled to motor
mounted on baseplate); GR-Drive (pump coupled to gear
reducer coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); B-Drive
(pump and motor connected by V-belt and pulleys
mounted on baseplate).

Accessories: Gear Sets; Bearing Kit, and Packing Kits.
Refer to Section 13.

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