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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Vanes sliding in a rotor are held against the internal surface of an eccentric by springs and hydraulic pressure. The vanes alternately create suction and pressure as the rotor turns. The pump discharges a constant flow of liquid in one direction regardless of the direction of rotation of the driving shaft.


Bearings: Replaceable sleeve type and plain bearings are especially
adapted for normal pump service to provide long life. Special
bearings for unusual or difficult conditions are available.

Seals: Compression packing provides an ample safeguard against oil
leakage and the entrance of air and is suitable for use with a
wide variety of liquids. Special seals for handling corroding
liquids are available.

Shafts and vanes: Drive shafts are precision ground hardened steel. Vanes are
hardened steel, spring loaded to provide snug fit against th eccentric and to compensate automatically for any wear resulting from contact with the eccentric.

Typical applications: Lubrication of gear cases where reversing cycle is employed; used as a hydraulic brake in mechanical transmissions; generaltransfer, lubrication, low pressure hydraulic and industrial service.

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