MP Pumps - CHEMFLO® 8 CC


MP Pumps - CHEMFLO® 8 CC

Monday, September 25, 2023
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This long-lasting chemical pump can meet most duty points by flowing up to 350 GPM and reaching a total head upwards of 290 feet. Variations for the mechanical seal are available for the CHEMFLO® 8 CC end suction centrifugal pump, ensuring it works efficiently when applied to any industry.

The ChemFlo® 8 pumps utilize an enclosed impeller designed for achieving higher heads and efficiencies than a standard semi-open impeller. Multiple impeller trims allow the ChemFlo® 8 to meet most duty points up to 350 GPM and a total head of up to 290 feet. Several mechanical seal options are available in addition to the standard type 2100 carbon/ceramic / Viton mechanical seal.

ChemFlo® 8 pumps are offered in two configurations, pump (with motor) and PumPAK® (without motor) versions. Motors available are 145TC, 184TC, 215TC, 256TC, and 286TSC. If ordering a PumPAK® please note that the electric motor must have a base.

SUCTION AND DISCHARGE    3" x 1-1/2" 150# ANSI flange
APPLICATION    Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, OEM
MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION    316 stainless steel
FLOW    Up to 350 GPM
HEAD FEET    Up to 290'
IMPELLER    8.0" enclosed, cast 316 stainless steel
MOTOR    Up to 30 HP
DRIVE OPTIONS    Close coupled 184TC, Close coupled 215TC, Close coupled 256TC, Close coupled 286TSC, Close coupled 145TC, Pedestal, PumPAK® (without motor)
SEAL    Special seal material combinations available (consult factory), Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton
DRIVE SLEEVE    316 stainless steel
OPTIONS    Tap for recirculation or seal flush, Hydraulic motor driven pedestals and shaft driven pedestals

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