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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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Designed to provide a more robust and compact design, the Double Seal Flomax self-priming centrifugal pump models provide excellent solutions to any OEM, industrial, or agricultural application. The patent pending design of this self-priming pump has the barrier fluid accumulator located directly on the body, resulting in decreased system costs and greater pump reliability.

The patent pending design has relocated the barrier fluid accumulator onto the body of the pump creating a more compact footprint, eliminating external plumbing connections for the grease fitting cartridge resulting in decreased system costs and greater pump reliability. The barrier fluid accumulator pressurizes the seal cavity to a higher pressure thus eliminating the possibility of the process fluid being transferred to enter the seal chamber. The constant presence of the barrier fluid allows the pump to operate in a dry run condition for increased hours of running and makes it ideal for handling abrasive fluids. These pump types have proven successful in various hard-to-handle applications including tank unloading, machine chip conveying, and bentonite handling in horizontal drilling applications.


APPLICATION - Agricultural, Industrial, OEM

FLOW - To 170 GPM

IMPELLER - Cast Iron, Semi-open, Balanced

SEAL - Type 31, Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide (Inboard)

PORT SIZES - Flomax 5: 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"NPT Flomax 8: 2"x 2" NPT

MOUNTING OPTIONS - Electric Motor-145TC, Electric Motor-56C, Engine, Pedestal, PumPak®

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