Flomax® 15 SS Double Seal


Flomax® 15 SS Double Seal

Wednesday, December 20, 2023
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Offering premium corrosion resistance, this self-priming centrifugal pump contains 316 investment cast stainless steel. A greased seal allows the pump to operate in a dry run condition, increasing the hours of run time. The FLOMAX® 15 SS Double Seal self-priming pump is great for all applications in commercial, industrial, marine, OEM, Transportation, and agricultural settings.

This 316 investment cast stainless steel self-priming pump offers premium corrosion resistance. The grease in the seal allows the pump to operate in a dry run condition, increasing hours of running while protecting the seal from corrosive fluids. The barrier fluid accumulator pressurizes the seal cavity to a higher pressure thus eliminating the possibility of the process fluid being transferred to enter the seal chamber. Self Priming SS Double seal pumps have proven success in railcar loading/unloading, fertilizer transfer, DEF, corrosive chemical transfer, waste water transfer and many more applications!


Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, OEM, Transportation

316 stainless steel

AC – up to 15 GPM, DC – up to 12 GPM

AC – up to 14', DC – up to 16'

316 stainless steel semi-open

Close coupled 115V AC, Close coupled 12V DC, Close coupled 230V AC, Close coupled 24V DC

Carbon/ceramic / Viton bellows 150 PSI, Special seals upon request, Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton

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