Immersion Heat Exchangers


Immersion Heat Exchangers

Monday, March 25, 2024
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Immersion Products

With Omega’s Immersion Plates, it is easy to directly heat or cool a liquid. The sturdy design ensures that the product is easy to clean and maintain. Whether it is for clean water or heavily contaminated liquids, Laser Plates can maintain performance. 

Immersion Plates were initially used to heat or cool highly contaminated liquids. Several industries use this efficient method of direct heating and cooling.

How does an Immersion Plate work?

Immersion products are individual plates or a bank of several Laser Plates that are immersed in a container with liquid. The medium in the plates heats or cools the liquid in the container, depending on your needs. This can be done in a continuous or batch process.

Air Agitation

To obtain a turbulent flow on the wall of the plate, air agitation is suggested and used in some cases. This ensures a higher rate of heat transfer. An air pump blows air through a perforated pipe system, creating a whirlpool effect. This is especially recommended for cooling in Ice Bank applications.


  • Heating and cooling a variety of liquids, even liquids with high viscosities
  • Easy to maintain due to sufficient space plate spacing
  • Compact design that can be used for multiple applications
  • Can also be used with highly variable volume flows

Immersion Plate Animation

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