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Ahmed Uddin

Ahmed Uddin

Sales Engineer
248-918-5995 Year started in fluid management:
Certifications and Training:

Masters in Mechanical Engineering (University of Dayton-Ohio)

Prior to joining Great Lakes Pump, I was a mechanical engineer at Process Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of PSI and Deming® Vertical Turbine Pumps. I am originally from India, and have additional industrial work experience in the middle east.

Unique Experiences

Since joining Great Lakes, I have enjoyed the fast-paced work environment.  As a newbie, I have lot of support from colleagues; they answer all my questions.  The job is challenging.  I am the first GLP salesman that is not a native English-speaker.  But as a mechanical engineer who has actually designed some of the pumps I'm selling, I bring a lot of experience to the table.

I'm currently in training as an Outside Salesman, learning the product and services GLP offers.  In 3-4 months, I will move to greater Dayton/ Cincinnati area and work from there. 

My first day, they gave me a never-ending technical brochure of all the brands we sell and asked me to read it. It was a lot of information to digest, but I hit the ground running and haven't stopped learning since.

The most difficult part of my job is cold calling and trying to get into customer’s facility.  

I never thought when I was a full-time mechanical engineer at Process Systems that a sales job would be bring so much fun and challenge. I do something new every day.  

One thing I seem to encounter over and over is people saying, “You are a brilliant engineer, why did you change to a career in sales?”  And my answer is, “I love it.”

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