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Scott Mezuk

Scott Mezuk

Inside Sales and Field Service Manager
248-528-4139 Year started in fluid management:
Certifications and Training:
  • William McNally - Mechanical Seal & Troubleshooting
  • Hazleton Pumps, Inc. - Horizontal, Vertical & Submersible Pump Training Program
  • Robert Keegan Course - Transportation and Handling of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous materials
  • Bearing Services Training - Bearing Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Crane Pumps and Systems – Lean Manufacturing   
  • State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality -  certified Storm Water Operator – Certificate Number I-02734
  • Trained Auditor for ISO14001, Internal Auditor for ISO 9001-2000 Great Lakes Pump & Supply
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Training
  • Action Selling - Sales Training & Sales Management Training
  • Dekker Vacuum Pump Service School Certification
  • Goulds Water Technology School – Commercial Pumps & Controls Certification

I got my start in 1989, looking for a way to put myself through college. I started at the ground level at Process Systems Inc., tearing down vertical turbine pumps, cleaning parts, driving the truck for pump repair pick-up and delivery. It was my introduction to automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and related industries. I worked afternoons, driving around the entire Great Lakes region.  

It turned into that proverbial labor of love. Over the next 13 years I had pretty much performed every job function in the company: Laborer, Assembler, Shipping and Receiving Manager, Inventory Control and QC, Purchasing, and Shop Manager. Since then I worked at a couple other local pump companies and got my feet wet in outside sales (4 years) and inside sales (5 years). Today, much of my applied knowledge serves me in the role of Service Manager, Field Service, where I perform troubleshooting, repairs, and pump station facility set up/training. I enjoy translating the many aspects of my overall experience to assist customers and work associates and to help them work through challenges they face in their own fluid handling situations.

Unique Experiences

There are new surprises around every corner. Even after 29 years, I haven’t seen everything that you can run into in this industry. That’s the challenge of doing field service work, trying to perform at a high level when presented with very minimal information.  

I’ll never forget the time I was doing a field service inspection on a split case pump that wasn’t vibrating, leaking, or hot. Suction was fine. It just wasn’t producing. After removing the casing, I found the bronze impeller nearly all eaten away from heavy RO introduction, yet the rotating element was still pumping almost half the gallons per minute and pressure of a new impeller. It was one of those, “Well I'll be damned” moments. Pumps can be both surprisingly fickle and amazingly durable.

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