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Shelby Davis

Shelby Davis

Inside Sales/Administrative
248-528-4111 Year started in fluid management:
Certifications and Training:

2023 was my first year in the fluid management industry. So far, I've learned a lot and can’t wait to see how much more I learn in the future. I think my love for wanting to know as much as possible and be good at what I do will be helpful tools for success in this industry.

Prior to joining Great Lakes Pump, I was a top-performing and motivated retail professional with strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills, and experience in inventory, production, teambuilding, managment, and customer service. I consider myself to be hardworking and dedicated, and am able to work in physically demanding and high-pressure environments. I'm highly reliable, self-motivated, and focused on achieving tasks to the highest standards.

Here at GLP, I help ensure customer orders are completed, order acknowledgements are correct and filed, and invoices are processed. I also field customer calls, determining the reason for the call, and answering questions or directing their requests to a different salesman as necessary.

Unique Experiences

The people you work with are always important, they’re what make you enjoy going to work every day. Time goes by much faster when you’re having a good time. I seem to encounter new obstacles every day at this job and it really drives me to dig deeper and learn more about the fluid management industry.

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