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Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

Inside Sales
248-528-4121 Year started in fluid management:
Certifications and Training:
  • Dale Carnegie Training Course
  • Tranter Heat Exchanger Training
  • Goulds G&L Factory School
  • Yamada AOD Pump Training
  • Goulds Aquavar Training

My pump career started in July of 2003 here at Great Lakes Pump. They needed help with inside sales and I was offered the job, where I began my never-ending pump education from then insider guys like Ed Adams, Ralph Stiney and Jim Bush. I have enjoyed many good teachers along the way, learning from the “lifers” - outside salesman like Mike Jones, Dan Csomos, John Gall, and John King. Add in all that I learned from Service and Repair veteran, Joe Zach and I became very ready for the challenges of outside sales. I called on the Saginaw Bay area but then came Ruthman Company’s acquisition of Process Systems, Inc. Sales teams between the two companies were combined and I was asked to come back to Inside Sales to learn about vertical turbines.

So I have been doing inside sales all but 2 years or so in my career. I believe in hard work and dedication. If you have those along with a little luck you can have a good, successful career. I enjoy what I do, especially when someone is in a pinch and has no clue what they need or how to get it, and I solve their problem.

Unique Experiences

I will always cherish the time I spent with Jim Bush and (then) Gusher EVP Les Smith. Pumps and systems are complex stuff. The learning never ends. I had the pleasure of working directly with Jim for years, and he grew to become a great friend. It is now an honor for me to work for Mike Jones. I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who knows more about industrial pumps, except maybe John Gall. We serve coolant and paint applications like no one else and these guys have been at the heart of it for 35 years. When the veterans around here go out of their way to teach us, it drives me to work hard and make them proud of what I do. It’s nice to know that others truly believe in you. We have this perpetual learning atmosphere where anyone and everyone can participate in and learn from any situation one person is facing. That will always mean a lot to me.

One moment that stands out was when some really big pumps in Sparks, NV were having issues. We suspected cavitation given the symptoms being reported on site. Several conference calls and an on-site visit later we decided to add and a vortex-reducing suction plate to the pumps and build an extended 53 power frame….to be delivered overnight. It was a system issue but we partnered up as we always do to help the customer.  I learned a lot about liquid levels, entrained air, and NPSH.

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