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We provide process equipment solutions to virtually all types of fluid handling situations throughout the Midwest.
Below is a list of our fluid power products and information about the companies.

Valves and Expansion Joints

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Proco Products

Proco Products stands as a premier manufacturer of expansion joints, boasting a comprehensive inventory tailored for both piping and ducting systems. Engineered for resilience, our expansion joints safeguard your equipment against diverse stressors while offering low maintenance and robust durability, ensuring optimal efficiency. Catering to industrial and commercial installations reliant on pumping, piping, or ducting, our range of expansion joints effectively addresses challenges such as thermal expansion, vibration, or ground movement. Available in rubber, stainless steel, or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), our high-performance designs uphold system integrity, mitigate fatigue, and minimize maintenance downtime, guaranteeing safe and dependable operations.

Rubber Expansion Joints

PTFE Expansion Joints

Braided Pipe Connectors


Proco Products
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Cla-Val Valves

Cla-Val is a leading manufacturer of industrial automatic control valves and flow control solutions. Cla-Val products include Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves or PRVs, Level Control and Flow Control Valves, and Check and Pinch Valves.

Cla-Val Valves
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FulFlo Valves

Fulflo Specialties, Inc. is a trusted name in hydraulic pressure relief valves, playing a crucial role in various sectors such as oil and gas refining, pump and systems protection, industrial processes, and military applications, including ships and aircraft carriers. These pressure relief valves have even made their way on amusement park roller coaster rides. The valves are also integral to compressor systems and lubrication skids, ensuring reliable and chatter-free operation in diverse and demanding environments.

With a legacy spanning over 100 years, Fulflo combined extensive knowledge and experience to deliver quality and service. The relentless pursuit of excellence has positioned them as the preferred relief valve provider globally.

In the realm of hydraulic solutions, Fulflo's reputation is synonymous with reliable performance. The pressure relief valve, a cornerstone of our product line, excels in providing dependable operation across a spectrum of challenging conditions.

Fulflo's impact extends beyond product reliability and is committed to maintaining stringent quality control systems for our range of hydraulic pressure relief valves.

V Standard with Threaded ConnectionsV Standard with Flange ConnectionsV Handwheel with Threaded ConnectionsV Handwheel with Flange Connections

FV Standard with Threaded ConnectionsStandard with Flange Connections

OV Standard with Threaded ConnectionsOV Standard Flange

A-Series Direct Acting with Threaded Connections, A-Series Direct Acting with Flange Connections, A-Series Internal Pilot with Threaded Connections, A-Series Internal Pilot with Flange Connections

SVB Standard with Threaded Connections

FulFlo Valves
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